About Lake Chelan

If you want to relax, have fun, and stay in the sun while enjoying a beautiful and relaxing lake, go to Chelan in Washington State in the United States. This is where the famous Chelan Lake is located. It is huge, and it’s impressively beautiful, especially because of its clear and limpid water. The amount […]

Winter Activities

Winter Activities at Lake Chelan Lake Chelan is an excellent destination in winter with plenty of activities for visitors of all ages. Located nearby mountains, the small town offers a lot of winter activities, including snow tubing, skiing, snowboard and cross country. In winter Lake Chelan is covered in snow and visitors there has a […]

Summer Activities

During the summer months, you can do many activities and attend events in the Chelan Country and Lake Chelan. Between the months of June and September, Chelan offers us a good variety of activities and events that can also serve to introduce us to the culture and traditions of people that live there. During the […]