Winter Activities

Winter Activities at Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is an excellent destination in winter with plenty of activities for visitors of all ages. Located nearby mountains, the small town offers a lot of winter activities, including snow tubing, skiing, snowboard and cross country.

In winter Lake Chelan is covered in snow and visitors there has a mesmerizing view of nature, frozen lake, and white mountains. It’s a real wonderland. Tourists can go skiing, drink hot tea or rum on top of the mountain ridge while enjoying the breath-taking view. This dreamlike scenario is a reality in winter at Lake Chelan.


If you want to visit Lake Chelan with your vehicle, you will need to buy a permit so you can park in a non-motorized Snow-Park. Permits for Snow-Park can be purchased from the visitor center in the Lake Chamber. Also, if you have a snowmobile and don’t want to rent one from there, you will need to have a registration for it.


People that have been snowmobiling on Echo Ridge go back there, again and again, every year, because of the spectacular scenery in the area, groomed and marked trails, great snow that makes this place ideal for snowmobiling. There are a lot of trails and six Snow-Parks where you can rent a snowmobile.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Lake Chelan area is an excellent choice for fans of skiing and snowboarding. With tracks for any ski level, Echo Valley is a great family destination. From beginners to experts in skiing, everyone can enjoy in most popular winter activity there. More than 36 designated courses spread over 2000 acres at 2500 feet in elevation with the best quality of snow. In summary, there are 13.5K trails for beginners, 15k of intermediate trails, and 11k of difficult and challenging tracks for very experienced and professional skiers and snowboarders.


A fun, family-friendly, less-expensive alternative to downhill skiing is tubing. Echo Valley has a tubbing area that is groomed and lighted, making for great evening tubing. In addition, the hill is equipped with a lift to take you up to the top after each run. Adrenaline junkies may ride in the fastest downhills individually, in tandem — or for the longest ride in slow tracks, in group clusters.

Ski Bike at Lake Chelan

Love biking? There’s no need to wait for spring to melt the trails—you can hop on a ski bike and get out there all winter long. Ski bikes are like bikes with skis instead of wheels, and several resorts offer lessons and guided tours.

Spend the Night in a Hut

If you love camping but shiver at the thought of a tent in the snow, look to one of the state’s popular backcountry cabins and yurts. These comfortable shelters provide a base for skiing and snowshoeing by day, relaxing by the fire by night. You should inform yourself first before you decide to spend the night in a hut, for what you need to take with you and recommended spots, that are safe and have a fantastic view. After your daytime adventures, cozy up in the warming house with a hot drink and a snack.