Summer Activities

During the summer months, you can do many activities and attend events in the Chelan Country and Lake Chelan. Between the months of June and September, Chelan offers us a good variety of activities and events that can also serve to introduce us to the culture and traditions of people that live there. During the months of June and July, it is possible to see the Midnight Sun sailing on the lake or from the top of a hill, for example. The offer of accommodation is very varied and you can choose between a cabin, apartment or hotel room. Always surrounded by wild nature, fun, and relaxation are guaranteed.

Summer Activities on Lake Chelan


The cruise on Lake Chelan is an activity that lasts approximately 3 hours. The pearl of this cruise is the visit the lake and nature around. Also, it will show you the best places where you can swim and enjoy in water activities.

For those who want a shorter tour, there is another boat that takes a 1.5-hour itinerary.

Fishing Day

The fishing day on Lake Chelan is the best event for all fans of fishing. Lake Chelan has many places that are very good for fishing. Salmon, trout, and other types of fish swim in its waters. During this activity, there is also a shortstop nearby fishing spots and a picnic on some other island. During the time of the picnic, it is possible to fish from the shore.

These days you can choose to fish from inside the boat in any bay of the lake or if you prefer from the shore of the island.

Visit a Handcraft House-workshop

Visiting a craft workshop-house is the best way to see their culture, learn some crafting techniques, and get some memorabilia. A 3-hour visit where you will be taught how reindeer skin is worked and how the famous Sami boots and other ornaments and tools made with horns, bones, and reindeer nails and other materials that nature brings.

Hill Excursion

The excursion to climb to the top of a nearby hill will take us about 4 hours between coming and going. The excursion is very easy, but you have to be a little fit. Obviously, the views from the top are spectacular. On its top, there is a small cabin that has an external staircase to access the roof that increases our view and perspective of the wonderful panorama. Watching the sun go down and touching the horizon rises again is a spectacle.

Flying the Lake

Discovering Lake Chelan from the air with a seaplane is another very good experience. Observe from the top the greatness of the place is an impressive experience. This activity is short but sufficient because there are ten minutes that remain in the air, but they complement each other very well by the fact of taking off from the lake and land in it.

The Indigenous Music Festival

The Festival of Indigenous Music is an event originally aimed at local music, but every year the festival includes indigenous groups from other countries. Apart from concerts, seminars and music workshops are also held. Last year the festival gathered around 3,000 people.